Jakab Balint | Service & Product Designer with Gov & Agency background.


I am Jakab Balint

Senior UX / Product Designer

My Portfolio

Case Studies

In the past, I have worked on a variety of projects in domains such as healthcare, public transportation, e-commerce, and enterprise solutions, just to name a few. My case studies can provide you with a better understanding of my thought process and my design approach. 

What is my approach?

A few ideas about my workflow


I believe in that there is a major distinction between an idea and a concept. Ideas only exist in our mind while concepts are manifested somehow.
Everybody has hundreds of ideas, but without elaborations those are remaining ideas only. I found it very important to do accurate conceptualisation of projects as detailed as possible through research. 

Who is the audience? What problems do they have that we are intending to solve by the product?  These questions must be answered.


When the project has got well documented, I craft some wireframes and a clickable prototype.

No need to be pixel perfect… Rough, rapid, solution oriented.

If it turns out that our concept is invalid in some points, further design iterations can be more cost efficient than making changes in development.


The concept seems to be solid. The prototype is done. Now we should make an observation on how our potential end-users will use the product.

We have to do user tests on our prototype. It has to be well organised, and recorded for further assessments.

User insights through observation can make the software even more tailored for the targeted persona.


After several iterations when we closed every loopholes and the concept seems to be final, I prepare the actual design materials for developers.

Icon font packs, UI kit, pixel perfect UI design in InVision, branding materials, svg animations, webm videos, and so on..

.. Because an idea is only ever an idea until You make it happen ..

I am here to help you!


Life is too short not to make videos